Campfire Area – Enjoy an evening bonfire. Make smores and new friends.

Recreational Area/Playground – Our large “center circle” has a swing set, volleyball net, badminton net, and large sandbox. Guests are welcome to bring their own outdoor games.

Outdoor Grilling – There are several permanent grills  on the outside of the “center circle” and a few free standing grills available for guests use. Built into the sundeck are two grills and several tables.

Fish Cleaning House/Locker Room – Built into our dock system is a fish house complete with a stainless steel fish cleaning table that will be cleaned daily. Along side it is a locker room where each cabin has a locker for fishing gear storage.

Swim Area/Swim platform –  There is a shallow swim area boxed in by the dock. About 40-50 feet out is our swim platform for guests’ enjoyment. Please remember there is no lifeguard on duty. Guests are welcome to bring there own water toys.

Office and Shop – Items for sale include Ice, Fishing Gear, T-shirts and other apparel.


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